About Me

Alaska-born and mostly raised (with a couple of sidetrips to Seattle), I now reside in Spokane, Washington with my wife Jenny (who’s also a writer and multi-discipline artist). I’m an illustrator and writer, comic book enthusiast and all around geek.

I’m also a founding member of The Spokane Comicsmith’s Guild, an artist/writer collective for creators in the Spokane, WA area.

This is mainly a place for me to post sketches and artwork, both finished and in process, and blog about art and comic related things.

My wife and I also have a separate site for more mundane day-to-day blogging about our life here: Two Starving Artists

For any questions, comments and commission inquiries I can be reached by email at:

peterfoglesong [at] gmail [dot] com

All characters TM and © their respective owners.
All artwork © Peter Foglesong, and may not be republished elsewhere without express written permission prior to publishing.