Captain Mythos Cover

Just realized I hadn’t posted this here yet….

This is the finished version of what I ended up using this sketch for. Pretty happy with how it came out – it’s rare that the image on the “page” matches what’s actually in your head when you start, but this is really close. Thinking I’d like to do more stuff with this idea – probably a Lovecraft-tinged Golden Age comic parody type of thing, playing up the ridiculousness of a lot of those old GA superhero books.

I ended up making a small run of prints of this and the revised Dino Who image (seen below) as prints for the Spokane ComiCon, which turned out to be fairly popular. I do have some of both remaining though, so if you’re interested in one let me know. They’re 11 x 17, $10 each +Shipping (which may vary depending on where you’re at).

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