Other Comics

Here you’ll find any strips or pages that aren’t part of a regular comic or storyline. This may include short stories, fan comics, side-projects and anything else that doesn’t seem to fit elsewhere.

Whistling in the Dark
• This is a four page story I wrote and drew, published in an anthology put out by the Spokane Comicsmiths’ Guild, a local creators group which I belong to. It features Irish faerie hunter Seamus O’Kyte, a character I’d like to eventually revisit.

24 Hours to Doomsday!
• This 17 page adventure was created while participating in the 24 Hour Comic Book Challenge.

Fight City
• This was an aborted attempt at a superhero web-comic which I unfortunately only finished 7 pages of. I’ve revised the concept quite a bit since then, and hope to come back to it some time soon.

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