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Today was a Good Start to the Week

Took care of some much needed chores: laundry, dishes, some cleaning, and bill paying. Got started on another commission and brainstormed some other ideas. I think this week will be a bit more productive than some recent ones… We always have problems with wasps making nests in the eaves of the apartment building – I had the maintenance people come

Hot Water

They replaced our hot water heater yesterday, even though we got a new one last March and it worked fine. But that must not have been recorded, and the powers-that-be had already decided we were up for a new one. I tried to dissuade them, to save everyone the hassle, but they went ahead anyway. On the brightside, it didn’t

Odds & Ends and even some Art

A few miscellaneous things that I haven’t really blogged/twittered about. Just trying to catch up…. Our local bank is Washington Mutual, which is of course now becoming Chase. Not particularly pleased about that, but we don’t do much banking anyway, so it’s probably nothing to worry about. I am glad that Jenny and I both hung on to our credit

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