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American Woman & In Geekness

Here we have Marvel’s new Miss America, rocking her predecessor’s old-school spectacles. Being four-eyed myself, I always kinda liked the idea of superheroes who wore glasses – though they are few and far between. Ms. Chavez was the subject of Project: Rooftop’s latest call for Fan-Art Friday submissions. I totally spaced and missed the deadline, but wanted to get this


I spent today with a few of my artist friends, drawing free sketches at a local comic shop as part of the Hallowe’en Comicfestivities. Only got a few pics, but this was probably my favorite request – for a “dapper Charmander”.

Savage Dragon Re-Imagine

This was my submission for the last Superhero Of The Month re-design feature, which ended up being the winning entry for the month. Since Savage Dragon doesn’t really have a “costume”, this was more of a total re-imagine, with my concept being a westerner bonded with a eastern dragon god during the Meiji period of Japan. I came up with

Hipster Daredevil & Other Things

This was something I did for last month’s redesign contest over at Superhero of the Month, and forgot to post here till just now. I was obviously going for something a bit more… lighthearted with the concept, so not surprisingly I didn’t place in the contest. But it was just for fun anyway, and my buddy Josh Montreuil ended up

X-Men Sketch Cover

A WIP X-Men sketch-jam-cover that is being put together by the fine folks of the Spokane Comicsmiths’ Guild, to eventually be raffled off for charity at an upcoming event. My contribution was the Rogue; the others (so far) are Beast by Josh Montreuil and Cyclops by Matt Brazee. Looking forward to seeing the final product when we get it filled

Senior Sketching Wrap-Up

Yesterday was graduation day for North Central High School here in Spokane, and I was at the all-night Senior party until 2 am with my friends Matt Nelson and Jesse Acosta (whose niece was graduating), drawing sketches for the students. Shown are just some of the sketches I did during the event. We ended up being a lot more popular

Senior Sketching

I’m going to be spending tomorrow evening at a local high school graduation party with a couple of artist friends, drawing sketches for the attendees. Figure there’s a good chance I’ll be asked to do some portrait type pics, so wanted to do some practice sketches in that vein – these are a couple of random kids out of my

Captain Mythos Cover

Just realized I hadn’t posted this here yet…. This is the finished version of what I ended up using this sketch for. Pretty happy with how it came out – it’s rare that the image on the “page” matches what’s actually in your head when you start, but this is really close. Thinking I’d like to do more stuff with

Captain Mythos

This is an idea I had ages ago and finally decided to commit to paper – a “superhero” who gets his powers by speaking a magic word (“CTHULHU!”) and gaining the traits of a variety of Elder Gods from the Lovecraftian universe. He is not in the least bit similar to, or inspired by,  a certain World’s Mightiest Mortal. Nope,

Free Comic Book Day Wrap-Up

Here’s some of the free sketches I drew for customers at Lightning Comics in Coeur d’Alene, ID on Saturday. I was there with my friends in the Comicsmiths’ Guild for Free Comic Book Day. The shop had a really good turnout, and we were busy sketching the whole time, almost non-stop. It was great to talk to so many people

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