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Little Red Zombie Hood

This was a recent birthday card I made for one of my wife’s co-workers. She apparently really likes Little Red Riding Hood and The Walking Dead, so I was asked to combine the two…

Weekend Update

Local game store Gamer’s Haven just re-opened over in Post Falls and we went to check out the new location on Friday. The shop looks great, with a large amount of space for in-store table-top gaming. The official Grand Opening is the first weekend of March, complete with tournaments and events. Jenny and I have been wanting to get back

What's Happening…

Yesterday was Jenny’s father’s birthday, and we spent most of the day over in Coeur d’Alene with her parents. We went to see the Surrogates with him – which was a pretty awesome sci-fi flick (based on an equally cool indy comic). Glad we got to see it in the theatre, though I think it could’ve been a bit longer.

Weekend Update

I think I’ve ingested enough cake to last me for a while… Jenny had her Crafty Club Friday evening, and since Sunday was her birthday, one of the people brought a cake, which she had leftovers to take home. Then on Saturday we went over to Tigger and Lincoln’s for a barbeque and birthday celebration for Jenny & I and

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