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Catching Up

Well, it’s obviously been a while since I’ve posted here and just wanted to make a quick update with a few things: • The Emerald City ComiCon is very soon (March 1-3) and my wife and I will be headed there for a mini-vacation. We haven’t been the last 2 years, and the last time we were there I was

Catbeard Book One is Go!

I know I have a lot of friends who are fans of (good, fun, all-ages) comics, pirates, and cats, and in some cases all 3. If you fall in those categories, I can’t recommend this book enough. This is the fundraising campaign for my good buddy Matt Nelson‘s first print collection of his webcomic, about the adventures of a pirate

Keelhauling & Kitty Litter

I posted a version of this a while back – it’ a pin-up for my budddy Matt Nelson’s awesome web-comic Catbeard the Pirate. But this is the finished version, as it will appear in the first print Catbeard collection, which Matt is currently putting the finishing touches on. He doesn’t have a firm release date for it yet, but it

Catbeard of the Caribbean

So, my good buddy Matt Nelson has had this awesome weekly webcomic going for a while now, called Catbeard the Pirate, about the adventures of a pirate cursed to have a living cat as a beard. It’s hilarious, and I highly recommend checking it out. And the current story even has dinosaurs! I’ve been meaning to do some fan-art for

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