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Catching Up

Well, it’s obviously been a while since I’ve posted here and just wanted to make a quick update with a few things: • The Emerald City ComiCon is very soon (March 1-3) and my wife and I will be headed there for a mini-vacation. We haven’t been the last 2 years, and the last time we were there I was

What’s Happening?

Guess it’s been a little while since the last update here… My wife and I have been busy with various stages of moving the last couple of months or so – we finally got out of the apartment we were in and are now in a house in a different neighborhood here in Spokane. It’s only a rental, but it’s


This last weekend (Saturday the 19th to be precise) was the Spokane ComiCon, and I was there exhibiting in Artist Alley, sharing a table with my buddy Matt Nelson. This was the third year I was there as an artist, though the first that I was there specifically promoting myself. The previous times I had been at the Comicsmiths’ Guild

Hey Look, Comics!

I did another journal-type comic a while back – it was fun to do, and got a pretty good reaction from people. I thought I’d try to do some more, so today marks the first of hopefully many. I’m tentatively calling these strips “In Geekness and In Health”, and you’ll find them at the In Geekness link on the main

Catbeard Book One is Go!

I know I have a lot of friends who are fans of (good, fun, all-ages) comics, pirates, and cats, and in some cases all 3. If you fall in those categories, I can’t recommend this book enough. This is the fundraising campaign for my good buddy Matt Nelson‘s first print collection of his webcomic, about the adventures of a pirate

Keelhauling & Kitty Litter

I posted a version of this a while back – it’ a pin-up for my budddy Matt Nelson’s awesome web-comic Catbeard the Pirate. But this is the finished version, as it will appear in the first print Catbeard collection, which Matt is currently putting the finishing touches on. He doesn’t have a firm release date for it yet, but it

The Stars

I just realized I’d somehow neglected to post anything about this yet… The Stars is a new comic mini-series being put out through indy-publisher Earthbound Comics which I had the opportunity to work on as the letterer. It was written and penciled by Kurt Belcher, inked by Stuart Berryhill and colored by Lisa Sky – an all around awesome collection

Spokane ComiCon!

I’ll be at the Spokane ComiCon this Saturday (the 21st), in artist alley with my friends in the Comicsmiths’ Guild. We’ll have copies of the Guild Anthology book for sale, along with a whole mess of prints and original art available, as well as taking sketch commissions. Hope to see everyone there! Also, there will be a Drink and Draw

Comicsmiths’ Guild Update!

The Spokane Comicsmiths’ Guild (our local artist/writer group) has recently put out our first anthology comic, which is now available for purchase! It’s a 40 page book, with 10 short stories in a varieties of genres from local creators. My contribution is a 4 page action-horror short featuring a character I have many more plans for – and this is

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