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Captain Mythos Cover

Just realized I hadn’t posted this here yet…. This is the finished version of what I ended up using this sketch for. Pretty happy with how it came out – it’s rare that the image on the “page” matches what’s actually in your head when you start, but this is really close. Thinking I’d like to do more stuff with

Dino Who?

Recently I did a series of Doctor Who-as-Dinosaurs¬† pics, and I thought I’d see how it’d look if I put them all together into one image. Still needs some tweaking to fix some depth issues, and a background, but it’ll most likely get turned into a print when I’m done.

The Eleventh Dino

And finally we have the current version of Doctor Who, seen here as a Triceratops. This was another “just seemed right” choice, without any real deep meaning. A Triceratops in a fez? Sure, why not? Triceratops are cool. These were a lot of fun to do, and hopefully somebody out there got as much of a kick out of the

The Tenth Dino

While the Seventh Doctor is still my all-time favorite, the Tenth quickly took his place as a *very* close second. And if I hadn’t watched the show as a kid, with that ever present nostalgia tempering my opinion, number Ten would easily be in the top spot, by a mile. So… here he is, as represented by probably my favorite

The Ninth Dino

When I started figuring out which version of Doctor Who should go with what type of dinosaur, this was the first and easiest one to decide on. If any Doctor personifies a Tyrannosaurus, it’s the Ninth one. And really… a T-Rex, in a leather jacket? How awesome is that?

The Eighth Dino

The Eighth Doctor Who was a bit of an odd duck. Appearing on screen only in the TV movie, he was meant to act as a kind of bridge between the old series and a new one, which could appeal to a wider (i.e. American) audience. A series like that did eventually happen, but unfortunately he wouldn’t be part of

The Seventh Dino

And here we have the Seventh Doctor Who, in the form of an Ankylosaurus. My all time favorite Doctor, I probably watched more of this version than any other growing up. Conveniently enough, he happened to be a good fit for one of my all time favorite dinosaurs as well.

The Sixth Dino

My first exposure to Doctor Who, like most Americans of my age range, was the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker), since he had the longest run of any actor on-air and was shown most often on PBS here in the US. But I’d say the Sixth and Seven incarnations probably made more of a lasting impression on me when I watched

The Fifth Dino

Here we have another Doctor Who, as portrayed by a Pachycephalosaurus. I thought the Fifth Doctor’s kinda goofy hair cut and penchant for hats seemed apt for replacement with this dinosaur’s thick skull. At least that seemed right in my head…

The Third Dino

And here we have the third Doctor Who as dinosaur – this time in the form of a Brachiosaurus. I’m not entirely sure why, but it just seemed to fit for the third Doctor.

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