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The Second Dino

Continuing my series of Doctor Who as dinosaurs, here’s the 2nd Doctor as an Iguanadon – another one of the very earliest dinosaurs to be named and documented.

The First Dino

Last month, for the relatively new holiday of Dinosaur Day, I drew Doctor Who as an Allosaurus. I couldn’t let that be the last time the world sees a Dinosaur Time Lord, so I’ve now completed the other 10 incarnations of the Doctor in their prehistoric forms. I’ll be posting one each weekday for the next couple of weeks, starting

Happy Dinosaur Day!

Dinosaur Day is a relatively new holiday dreamt up by my good buddy Matt Nelson, as an excuse each year (on October 15th) to draw cool pictures of dinosaurs, put them on the internet, and revel in how awesome dinosaurs innately are. This year I thought “what could possibly be more awesome than a dinosaur?” The answer, of course, is

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