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Sick Days

Jenny’s been knocked out with something the past couple of days – we think it’s probably the flu, but doubt if it’s of the swine variety. She called out sick to work Sunday and Monday, but she is starting to feel better and will probably be going back to work tomorrow. I’ve been doing my best to take care of

Trying to Blog More Often….

Nothing too crazy going on at the moment, although I did apply for a job today (Monday) that I think I’ve got a decent shot at. I actually applied and interviewed for the same job a few months ago, and was in the running for it, but apparently it’s open again so I figured I should go for it. It’s

Comicsmiths at the Spokane Street Fair!

I’ve mentioned in other blogs about our local artist/writer group, which we’ve named the Spokane Comicsmiths’ Guild. We now have a blog set up for the Guild, as well as a deviantArt page and Facebook group, so everyone can keep up with what’s happening with the group and it’s members. They’re new, and very much works-in-progress, but it’s a start,

A Few Things…

…since I haven’t blogged in a while: The 4th of July was good – we just headed over to Jenny’s folks’ place and relaxed and had lots of barbeque. Jenny also went to a beading exhibit at the fairgrounds with her mom, and picked up a bunch of cool stuff she can use in her jewelry making. We didn’t stick

Weekend Update + Comic Stuff

Things have been going well enough, if not particularly exciting. But then, I guess that’s nothing to complain about. Jenny had her dentist appointment on Friday; she hadn’t gone quite as long as I since her last check up, but it’d still been about 10 years. But she had nothing to worry about, as her teeth were in fine shape

Blogging Catch Up

I haven’t blogged (or even Twittered) in a while, so just wanted to start remedying that: Jenny and I have both been sick off and on the past few days – sinus stuff and head aches, but thankfully no real flu. I also did something to my back last week which I’m still slowly working out. Probably wouldn’t have seemed

Hot Water

They replaced our hot water heater yesterday, even though we got a new one last March and it worked fine. But that must not have been recorded, and the powers-that-be had already decided we were up for a new one. I tried to dissuade them, to save everyone the hassle, but they went ahead anyway. On the brightside, it didn’t

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