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American Woman & In Geekness

Here we have Marvel’s new Miss America, rocking her predecessor’s old-school spectacles. Being four-eyed myself, I always kinda liked the idea of superheroes who wore glasses – though they are few and far between. Ms. Chavez was the subject of Project: Rooftop’s latest call for Fan-Art Friday submissions. I totally spaced and missed the deadline, but wanted to get this

Spider-Man 2.0

The Project: Rooftop website is running another re-design costume, this time for everyone’s favorite web-head. This was actually an idea I had a while back for a more techie Spider-Man that I never did anything with; so I dusted it off, cleaned it up and sent it in as my entry. I always like the idea of Peter Parker being

Static Re-design

This was for an event currently running over on Project Rooftop, in memory of the character’s creator, Dwayne McDuffie, who recently passed away. Static was part of the Milestone imprint, published by DC in the ’90s, which was a concerted effort to create a comics universe that showed real diversity, in a genre historically populated by mostly white characters and

Aquaman Re-design

This was my entry for the most recent Project: Rooftop superhero costume re-design contest (which just ended on Sunday). I was trying to at least imply some of his classic costume’s traditional elements (gloves, trunks, “A” buckle), while giving him an updated modern look. I’m pretty happy with how it came out, but guess we’ll see if the judges think

Project Rooftop – Captain America

The current contest over at Project Rooftop (which ended yesterday) was to design a new costume for Captain America. It could be for anyone who’s held the title, so I went for a new outfit for Bucky Barnes, the original Cap’s sidekick and most recent shield bearer. My attempt was something a bit “retro-superheroic”, with some influence from his old

Project: Rooftop – Black Canary

I did this a couple of days ago and hadn’t got around to posting it… It’s for the most recent call for submissions for Project: Rooftop. This website is dedicated to superhero costume re-designs, and I’ve entered a few of their past contests, even placing in one of them (for Batman). This one is for Black Canary, a long standing

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