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I spent today with a few of my artist friends, drawing free sketches at a local comic shop as part of the Hallowe’en Comicfestivities. Only got a few pics, but this was probably my favorite request – for a “dapper Charmander”.

Senior Sketching Wrap-Up

Yesterday was graduation day for North Central High School here in Spokane, and I was at the all-night Senior party until 2 am with my friends Matt Nelson and Jesse Acosta (whose niece was graduating), drawing sketches for the students. Shown are just some of the sketches I did during the event. We ended up being a lot more popular

Senior Sketching

I’m going to be spending tomorrow evening at a local high school graduation party with a couple of artist friends, drawing sketches for the attendees. Figure there’s a good chance I’ll be asked to do some portrait type pics, so wanted to do some practice sketches in that vein – these are a couple of random kids out of my

Free Comic Book Day Wrap-Up

Here’s some of the free sketches I drew for customers at Lightning Comics in Coeur d’Alene, ID on Saturday. I was there with my friends in the Comicsmiths’ Guild for Free Comic Book Day. The shop had a really good turnout, and we were busy sketching the whole time, almost non-stop. It was great to talk to so many people

Mummy sketches

I freely admit to being a huge fan of the Brendan Fraser Mummy movies, especially the first one. It’s one of those films I’ve seen so many times I can practically quote the whole thing, and is one of my wife’s favorites as well. Am thinking about doing some fan-art for fun – here’s some sketches from my sketchbook, just

Sketches – House of Night Signing

A bunch of free sketches I drew today at Lightning Comics. I was there as part of the Spokane Comicsmiths’ Guild, to support fellow local artist Joshua Covey, as he signed House of Night #2, his big debut with Dark Horse Comics. We had a good turn-out and Josh was busy the whole time, signing and sketching. Thanks to Matt

Face Sketches

Just a few head shots of various comic/TV ladies. Random faces is what I usually fill up my sketchpad with if I’m loosening up, or just don’t know what else to draw.


Some character sketches from what is easily my favorite show on TV right now. I’m super-psyched that it’ll be back on tonight – that was a long 2 weeks to go without (thanks a lot, baseball…).

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