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What’s Happening….

I’ve been doing some lettering work for a couple of comic pitches, and also working on an original comic short for an anthology the Spokane Comicsmiths Guild is putting together. It’ll be a collection of several stories, most around 4 pages long, showcasing the skills and diverse styles of our little group. We’re hoping to have it printed up and

Today is Pleasant

In fact, it’s the first time in weeks that we’ve had both the A/C and the fan turned off and it’s still comfortable. We had an awesome thunder shower last night that dumped buckets of rain, and there’s actually a nice breeze today. Very pleasant, indeed. Saw on-line that Fairbanks finally got some much needed rain as well. Hopefully it’ll

Today was Hot

It’s been unseasonably hot up here in the Pacific Northwest, with the Seattle area already hitting record breaking temperatures. It’s been in the steady 90′s over on our side of the state, which is still hotter than normal, but today was rediculous. According to Google it hit 104 and I know the one time I looked at the thermometer outside

A Few Things…

…since I haven’t blogged in a while: The 4th of July was good – we just headed over to Jenny’s folks’ place and relaxed and had lots of barbeque. Jenny also went to a beading exhibit at the fairgrounds with her mom, and picked up a bunch of cool stuff she can use in her jewelry making. We didn’t stick

Weekend Update + Comic Stuff

Things have been going well enough, if not particularly exciting. But then, I guess that’s nothing to complain about. Jenny had her dentist appointment on Friday; she hadn’t gone quite as long as I since her last check up, but it’d still been about 10 years. But she had nothing to worry about, as her teeth were in fine shape

Weekend Update

I think I’ve ingested enough cake to last me for a while… Jenny had her Crafty Club Friday evening, and since Sunday was her birthday, one of the people brought a cake, which she had leftovers to take home. Then on Saturday we went over to Tigger and Lincoln’s for a barbeque and birthday celebration for Jenny & I and

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